ILOILO CITY – Earlier today, progressive groups under BAYAN-Panay held a picket-protest in front of the Land Transportation Office 6 to register their call to immediately lower the prices of petroleum products amid the successive oil price hike for more than two months now.

According to Bryan Bosque, spokesperson of the group, the government can and do have the power to do so by suspending or removing the excise tax and value added tax levied to said products.

Bosque added that the people should not be the ones shouldering said taxes especially on a prime commodity like petroleum.

According to the group’s account, P11-P15 per liter could be deducted from the current price of diesel if the government intends to do so.

For long-term solution, the group said that the government must regularize the oil industry in the country by junking the Oil Deregulation Law and to buy back Petron, which can have an influence in setting the oil prices in the market./PT

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