Resist and junk Duterte’s war in Negros – youth group

ILOILO City – Progressive youth organization Anakbayan Panay called on everyone to vehemently resist and junk President Duterte’s war under Oplan Sauron and Memorandum Order No. 32 that is terrorizing the whole island of Negros.

According to Justin Madriaga, the youth group’s deputy spokesperson, “state-sponsored killings in Negros have worsened wherein the primary victims were farmers, lawyers, human rights defenders, progressives, and other individuals who are resisting the intensified fascism by the state.”

Since Duterte came into office, Madriaga said there were recorded 83 extrajudicial killings in the whole of Negros Island.

“Last week, July 24-27, 13 individuals were assassinated including a one-year old child. Duterte’s approval of MO #32 or the declaration of state of lawlessness in the islands of Samar, Bicol, and Negros has worsened the killings especially in Negros.”

The youth leader claimed that most of the victims were tagged by the military as members of the CPP-NPA without legitimate or factual basis that put their lives in danger. Two of the 83 victims were on the target list being spread by the military.

“According to the statement released by the PNP, the NPAs were the culprit of the killings in Negros Oriental. However, the victims are also the ones being tagged as communist rebels. This is a clear manifestation of the PNP and AFP’s inconsistency in which they are desperate to hide the fact that they were the ones perpetuating the killings in the island,” Madriaga added.

Moreover, Madriaga stressed that the relentless killings across Negros will be used as a basis to declare Martial Law in the island.

“The declaration of Martial Law will not stop the killings, it will only worsen and will let the military abuse and kill civilians. Martial Law will be used by the fascist state to further silence its critics and dissenters,” he added.

Anakbayan also condemned the merciless tactic of the military in accordance to Duterte’s command.

“This fascist regime has no remorse in killing its citizen in order to cater the interests of landlords, imperialists, and the current ruling class. By using its mercenary armed forces, the PNP and AFP, the state silences its citizen. If it is really true that the responsibility of the military is to protect the people, it should unite to oust the traitor, oppressive, ruthless, plunderous and fascist Duterte regime.”/


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