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BORACAY ISLAND, Malay, Aklan – Island residents and workers who formed “We Are Boracay” complained on Friday that government agencies have denied them of prompt action for their relief deliveries on the island this weekend. A group of humanitarian volunteers are set to deliver food supplies and other services to displaced workers and residents on July 28-29, 2018.

According to We Are Boracay, they have communicated with the local government of Malay on Tuesday. The Malay local government is part of the inter-agency task force tasked to oversee Boracay rehabilitation efforts. The group as well communicated with the Department of Interior and Local Government Operations Center at Boracay Island.

We Are Boracay expressed disappointment over what it called “sabotage and isolation campaign” of its efforts to provide relief assistance to thousands of islanders affected by the 6-month temporary closure of Boracay. The group hit the “double standard” of the Boracay inter-agency task force on its rules citing the 21 foreign nationals that were allowed to swim on the waters of Boracay last July 4.

The group also complained against Boracay Police house-to-house activities earlier this month “maligning” We Are Boracay and “discouraging” their partners from supporting them.

Last June 28, 2018, We Are Boracay humanitarian volunteers were prevented by Boracay authorities from entering the island effectively disrupting the group’s scheduled activities./PT


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