Campus journos call justice for Davao blast victims

ILOILO City – The Western Visayas chapter of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP) strongly condemns the act of terrorism that took away the lives of 14 innocent civilians on September 2 in Davao City.

According to Rhick Lars Vladimer Albay, Vice President for Visayas of CEGP, the killing of unarmed citizens cannot be justified in any way.

“This is a tragedy close to home, and thus should urge Filipinos to stand in unison against those who sow fear and terror in the hearts of the public. We express our deepest condolences to the victims of the bombing, and we hope that they will see the light of justice as soon as possible,” Albay said.

The group also urged the Duterte administration to clarify to the public the extent of the declared “State of Lawlessness”.

The group said they understand and support the government’s action to curb further acts of violence and terrorism, but reiterated that similar declarations by those before him have led to abuses of power and the curtailment of people’s rights.

Albay added that they echo the sentiment of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) that the President Duterte should clarify why the war on drugs has been included in the declaration triggered by the Davao blast.

“We acknowledge the importance of protecting the people during this time of crisis, however, it should not pave the way for those in power to repress and abuse the rights of the populace,” Albay said./PT


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