Drivers want fare increase but…

ILOILO City – Militant transport group Piston Panay wants increase on jeepneys fare but are saddened that they would also burden commuters and their families with the increase.

“We is Piston Panay see the correctness of increasing the fare. By comparing data in 2009 where crude oil was pegged at P23.00/liter and fare prices are at P7.00, but last year December 2016, the same oil is pegged at P29.00/liter while fare prices are only at P6.50. By this, we see the need to increase fare prices given the increases as well in basic commodities,” said Piston Panay in their Facebook account post.

But the transport group instead raised the burden to government question.

Drivers accused the culprit Oil Deregulation Law as mastermind of this dilemma among drivers and commuters.

“But on the hind sight, we stand firm that the increase in crude oil should not be a burden of the Filipino drivers and commuters,” their statement said.

“The increase in crude oil only benefits oil companies and capitalists as a result of their “sole” discretion of defining the prices of crude oil through the oil deregulation law,” Piston Panay said.

“Oil deregulation law made oil companies free to regulate oil prices without government intervention,” it further added.

The group stand firm that oil industry should be nationalized and controlled by the government.

“The government should directly control prices of crude oil so as not to burden consumers,” it said./Panay Today


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