MAKABAYAN Bloc Files Bill for Teachers’ Salary Increase

MAKABAYAN Bloc Files Bill for Teachers’ Salary Increase

QUEZON CITY – Last February 13, MAKABAYAN Bloc filed in Congress the House Bill No. 9920, an ‘Act Increasing Minimum Wage Salaries of Public School Teachers to P50,000.00 and Appropriating Funds Thereof’.

According to MAKABAYAN Bloc, the bill aims to increase the minimum wage of teachers to cope with the increasing price of basic commodities. Currently, the salary of Teachers I to III remains at Salary Grade 11, where they only receive P27,000. To MAKABAYAN Bloc, this is far from the family living wage of P1,119 per day or P37,570 a month for a family of five to survive.

The Bill, according to MAKABAYAN Bloc, should be supported until it becomes law. The MAKABAYAN Bloc is composed of three representatives from the progressive partylists – the ACT Teachers Partylist, Gabriela Women’s Party, and Kabataan Partylist./PT


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