Candidates warned: Abide by the election campaign guidelines of the NPA

PANAY Island, Philippines – The Jose Percival Estocada, Jr. Command of the New People’s Army in Central Panay (JPEC-NPA-Panay) released on Sunday, March 20, through its Facebook account, the guidelines for the candidates in the conduct of their election campaigns in areas under the people’s revolutionary government.

“We call on all candidates to abide by these policies so their access and activities in areas of the people’s revolutionary government will not be disrupted,” JPEC-NPA-Panay spokesperson Ka Jurie Guerrero said.

“The NPA will take appropriate action against candidates who violate these and their armed escorts will become targets for military actions,” Guerrero added.

For the NPAs, the elections under the semi-feudal and semi-colonial Philippine society are fully controlled by the big capitalists and big landlords and are strongly influenced by the US imperialism and because of these conditions, the revolutionary movement has no illusions that the present reactionary elections can resolve the basic problems of imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucrat capitalism that burden the Filipino people.

They added that in this system, the people have no chance of genuine political empowerment.

However, the revolutionary movement respects the will of the majority of the Filipino to participate in the present electoral process.

As due consideration, hereunder are the guidelines the candidates should abide in campaigning under revolutionary areas:

1. On carrying of firearms and bringing armed security escorts

a. Before entering the area, candidates have to coordinate with concerned units of the NPA. In the absence of coordination, they may be searched, dis-armed and forbidden from entering the area.

b. The candidates should limit the number of their armed escorts to avoid intimidating the people. They are only allowed to carry two (2) high caliber or high power rifles (HPR) while the others will have to carry pistols. If the number of HPRs exceeds this number, the NPA will confiscate the extra firearms.

c. The candidates should avoid using the units of the Philippine Army, PNP-SAF or PNP maneuver platoons or to be with the convoy of these armed units or else they may become targets of attack by NPA units.

d. Counter-revolutionary activities are strongly prohibited inside the area where the candidates are allowed to campaign. These activities include the following:

i. Intelligence gathering;
ii. Besmirching or spreading intrigues against the revolutionary movement; and,
iii. Spreading violence or threats against voters or opposing candidates/party.

2. The candidates are prohibited to bring along with them individuals who have committed serious crime against the people and the revolutionary movement including ex-NPAs who became traitors and are being used as armed goons by some candidates. These elements will be targets of arrest and punishment by the NPA.

3. If the candidate’s groups are stopped at an NPA checkpoint, they are called upon to refrain from showing any sign of resistance to avoid firefights. We can guarantee your safety as long as you abide by the policies set.

4. The candidates are prohibited to use corrupt campaign methods such as vote-buying, intimidation and pressure tactics against the voters like driving away from their farms or home lots owned by the candidates and other similar schemes.

The NPA unit directs all units under its command to strictly implement these policies.

“All NPA units are also reminded that in the implementation of these policies, they should strictly adhere to the respect for human rights of concerned individuals and groups, along with ensuring to avoid unnecessary firefight with the concerned,” Guerrero ended./PT


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