Padrino system alive and kicking in Roxas public hospital

ILOILO City – Padrino system in a public hospital in Roxas City, Capiz is still “alive and kicking” according to a Facebook post of John Vergel Degala Briones on Saturday night.

A note posted inside the hospital’s bulletin board instructed all casual and contractual employees to submit their application letters to the provincial governor of Capiz.

According to Briones, his friends’ jobs are in danger because of the patronage politics inside the public Roxas Memorial Provincial Hospital.

“They are excellent nurses who continue to pursue their profession despite salaries as low as Php3,000/month,” he continues.

The post further said, “attach your resume and letter of recommendation from the nearest political personality known by the governor.”

It also noted that no recommendation means no renewal.

“Can the current national government help them?,” asked Briones whose friends’ job permanence are tied to whichever administration wins./PT


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