US IS NOT A FRIEND – Youth groups

ILOILO City – Anakbayan Panay together with various youth and sectoral formations conducted a picket last July 4, to condemn the continuing subservience of the Philippine government to the imperialist US in time of the 73rd Filipino-American Friendship Day.

“There is no such thing as friendship between the Filipino people and the imperialist US,” said Justin Madriaga, Anakbayan Panay deputy spokesperson.

Madriaga added that “there is only exploitation by the US in our country thru unjust economic policies and joint military exercises.”

“Neoliberal policies are still present and is further felt by the toiling masses in the form of Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion(TRAIN) Law. The annual balikatan military exercises and establishment of US military bases here in our country under EDCA and VFA is a clear violation of our national sovereignty,” Madriaga stressed.

Anakbayan further slammed Duterte as a total lapdog of the US and China and for its inaction on unjust foreign policies and territorial disputes.

“Now that Duterte already sold our territory and natural resources to China, he is putting our country into two warring imperialist countries,” he added.

“Duterte along with his masters, US and China, will be resisted by the Filipino youth along with other sectors,” said Madriaga.

Youth groups further lambasted the continuing attacks of the Duterte regime against progressive organizations, individuals, farmers, lawyers, church workers, and other sectors.

For Kabataan Partylist Panay spokesperson Crimson Labinghisa, the youth should emulate the lives of Andres Bonifacio and Jose Rizal who stood against colonialist US and protected the country.

“Let us not become Aguinaldo who sold our country to the US and also like former government leaders who became puppets and implemented neoliberal economic policies which are anti-poor and anti-people,” said Labinghisa./


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