Attacks Against Progressives in Aklan, Continue

Attacks Against Progressives in Aklan, Continue

AKLAN – Last February 9, red-tagging slogans were seen painted on cement barriers along the highway connecting Tangalan and Ibajay towns in Aklan.

The slogans, “Mabuhay Ang CPP – Kim-Sin F. Tugna” and “#55-CPP from BAYAN-Aklan”, maliciously linked the progressive group BAYAN-Aklan and its spokesperson, Kim-sin Tugna with the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP).

BAYAN-Aklan strongly condemned the incident “as it puts the life of Tugna and the members of BAYAN-Aklan in jeopardy.” BAYAN-Aklan added that “this is a clear violation of human rights that targets those who firmly stand for truth and the democratic interests of the people.” This is not the first time that Tugna and the whole organization were attacked, they said.

Tugna has been subjected to surveillance, and threats, and was also harassed by the state forces many times before. BAYAN-Aklan called on the local government units of Tangalan and Ibajay towns, and Aklan province to investigate the case and hold those behind the red-tagging slogan accountable./PT


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