Panayanons denounce late dictator’s hero’s burial

ILOILO City – Panayanons join the Filipino people in denouncing the Supreme Court’s ruling allowing the burial of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

BAYAN-Panay secretary general Elmer Forro said the SC decision insulted the thousands of victims of Martial Law with many of them still carrying the trauma until today.

“The SC decision reverses the dark side of our history which favors and even tolerates the brutal killings, abductions and tortures of our citizens opposing the repressive and dictatorial state of Marcos,” Forro said.

The late dictator looted billions from the country, imprisoned and sanctioned the torture of thousands of his critics, silenced and censored the media, and is liable for the prevalence of unlawful deaths and forced disappearances under his regime.

Series of Protest
On November 8, University of the Philippines Visayas students in Miag-ao campus, led by the University Student Council, held an indignation rally condemning the SC’s decision to uphold the idea that the Dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos is indeed a hero.

Yesterday, militant group Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoses in Malacañang (CARMMA)-Western Visayas also led a condemnation protest at the Plazoleta Gay in Iloilo City.

PHOTOS: Red candles lit

They lighted candles to shed light to those who fall prey to the grim desires of the Marcoses and their allies and the ‘dying’ justice system of the country.

Meanwhile, the UP High School in Iloilo conducted a forum detailing the situation during the dark era of the Martial Law.

Students watched a 15-minute video about victims of human rights violations while some faculty members shared theirs and their kins’ experiences.

In one of the accounts, Prof. Evelyn Alobba shared the demise of her cousin who was picked up by the military and tortured for information. He was dunked in a drum of water, and then sat on his stomach. Then, when it still didn’t make him talk, his girlfriend was gang-raped in front of him.

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West Visayas State University political science students together with Anakbayan-WVSU, SAMASA-WVSU, and other organizations also hold a candle protest.

In Roxas City, Capiznons lighted candles in front of the Capiz Provincial Capitol to protest the SC ruling.

Continuing struggle
College Editors Guild of the Philippines Western Visayas chapter described the decision as clear effort to bury the atrocities of the tyrant Marcos and revise history, undo the years the country has had to endure to recover and come to terms with the violent and bloody regime of Martial Law.

“Marcos’ burial at LNMB is a grave insult to those who fought for justice, human rights and genuine freedom to topple his oppressive reign, the decision however is not yet the end as proven by the collection action of the people that even a government can be toppled down.”

BAYAN-Aklan spokesperson Antonio Esmeralda said that the ruling only proved the rotten justice system of the country.

“Justice can only be achieved through militant and collective action of the Filipino people in pursuing national democracy in whatever forms of struggle,” Esmeralda said.

Anakbayan Panay spokesperson Bryan Bosque called on the youth and the people to unite and fight against the atrocities of the Marcos regime through massive actions and condemnation of the injustices against the people.

He called on the youth to struggle against historical revisionism that is pushed by the ruling elites to blind the people on the issues of oppression, exploitation and injustices they are committing. (Rosana Inaudito |


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