Youth Group Condemns Railroading of Mandatory ROTC Bill

Youth Group Condemns Railroading of Mandatory ROTC Bill

Senators Juan Miguel ‘Migz’ Zubiri and Ronald ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa on April 28 said they will pass not less than 20 bills before the end of the Senate session today, May 22. One of their priority bills is Senate Bill No. 2024 or the Reserve Officers Training Act. Sen. Dela Rosa cited the growing tension in the West Philippine Sea as a reason to pass the bill immediately.

The said bill aims to make mandatory the Reserve Officers Training Corps or ROTC on all students in college for two years before they graduate. But for the youth group Anakbayan, using the issues of sovereignty and the growing tensions between China and the United States of America cannot justify railroading the mandatory ROTC bill. They added that passing the bill will further violate students’ academic freedom as it will worsen militarization in schools.

Amidst the economic crisis, high unemployment rate, inflation, and more, Marcos Jr.’s administration is more inclined to pass bills that cater to their and foreign interests, the group added.

The group called on the youth not to allow them to be used in the proxy wars of the US and instead be nationalistic by standing for the rights of the oppressed, fighting for justice, and real independence from foreign forces./PT


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