Electric Cooperatives in Region 6 Expect Lower Electricity Prices, Criticize EPIRA Law

Electric Cooperatives in Region 6 Expect Lower Electricity Prices, Criticize EPIRA Law

ILOILO CITY – During a press conference held by the Electric Cooperatives Association Region 6 on May 27 in Iloilo City, they highlighted a significant increase in electricity prices in the region, attributing it to the severe nationwide electricity shortage in recent months.

They compared electricity prices in May 2024 to those in May 2023, noting a rise to 2.796 kw/h. According to the association, this is due to excessively high heat indexes and decreased capacity of their machinery during increased heat alongside rising consumer usage.

Attorney James Balsomo II, general manager of ILECO III, also stated that electricity prices are expected to decrease in the coming days. They observed a decrease in electricity demand from consumers due to recent rainy days.

The cooperatives expressed hope that electricity prices would decrease in both Iloilo Province and the wider region as rainy weather continues.

Attorney Janeene Depoy-Calingan of the Electric Cooperative Association added that electricity prices here in the Philippines are higher compared to other countries because electricity is not subsidized here. Therefore, they are urging the national government to increase the budget for electricity, as it is an essential social service needed by the people.

They are also calling for a review of the EPIRA Law, which deregulates electricity and the power industry in the country.

Meanwhile, the Panay Consumers Alliance believes that the EPIRA Law, which privatizes and deregulates public utilities such as water and electricity, should be scrapped. Despite the promises of the EPIRA Law to provide better electricity and water services at lower prices, large companies have monopolized the power industry in the country since its passage.

According to the group, since the enactment of the EPIRA Law, electricity prices have risen, making the Philippines have the highest electricity prices in the entire Asia-Pacific region.

Therefore, consumers strongly demand the repeal of EPIRA and the establishment of a national electricity industry./PT


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