ILOILO City – The National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) and Rise for Education (R4E) Alliance released on Wednesday a hotline number for students to air out concerns on ‘unjust’ increases on school fees.

The tuition monitor hotline is 0927-0784-900.

The tuition monitor is composed of student leaders who will accommodate concerns and file verified complaints on the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) against schools not complying with lawful requirements. The monitor vowed to assist students to defend their right to quality accessible tertiary education.

According to the NUSP, around 400 private higher education institutions will raise tuition and other school fees for the next academic school year. The increase ranges from 7-10%.

Local school Central Philippine University will raise fees ranging from 5-10% next school year, said the group.

“College education is a right and should not be considered a commodity with high price tag,” said Justin Madriaga, University of the Philippines Visayas University Student Council officer.

According to Madriaga, the government must put a stop to the yearly increases in school fees. He pointed out that even private schools ought to make their education accessible to all.

The Rise for Education Alliance has also condemned the ‘bogus consultations’ among private schools that “became information dissemination” to justify fees increases.

“It is imperative for students to be genuinely represented and consulted,” said Mara Crista Coo, Rise for Education Alliance convenor.

Tuition monitor called for the Duterte government to promote nationalist, scientific, and accessible education for all. It also encouraged students to voice our their grievances in their universities and colleges. (


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